Ethical Management

Purpose of Ethical Management

Whanin is making greater efforts in leading responsible management, righteous management and specialized R&D,
and realizing its management philosophy of “achieving growth and development to contribute to the creation of a healthier society”,
by obeying CP regulations and adopting corruption prevention management system.

  • Company Vision

    Manufacturing excellent drugs
    Preventing and
    providing cure for illness

  • Ethical Management

    Abidance to CP
    Corruption prevention
    management system

  • Trust Management

    Healthy organizational culture
    Transparent disclosure of information

  • R&D

    Specialized research
    systematic development


Mission of Pharmaceutical Company We recognize the mission of pharmaceutical company, and will devote our utmost efforts to develop drugs with outstanding efficacy and safety through active investment in research and development.
  • Whanin shall pay full attention to the stable manufacturing and supply of drugs required for national health, and establish drug manufacturing system meeting global standards to do so.
  • Whanin shall conduct systematic and specialized R&D to develop and incrementally modify for prevention and treatment of illness.


Attitude in Serving Clients We seek to gain trust from clients, and ultimately develop in company with clients.
  • Whanin shall respect diverse opinions of clients and shall actively reflect them in business activities of the company.
  • Whanin shall ensure safe protection of client property and information in accordance with relevant laws and company regulations.


Responsibility for Stakeholders We seek to secure stakeholder faith through reliable and effective management based on transparency and accountability, and realize maximization of shareholder value through continued competitive advantage.
  • Whanin shall maximize corporate value with effective management through endless innovation, and share the output with the shareholders.
  • Whanin shall file business performance data in a manner that conforms to relevant laws and standards, and shall disclose business information in a transparent manner to protect stakeholder interest and their reasonable demand.


Roles in the Society We seek mutual growth with the society through creation of social values, and devote the utmost effort to carry out business in accordance with social norms.
  • Whanin shall eliminate all unfair trade to establish fair trade and transparent distribution order as asked by the society, and maintain · develop cooperative relationship with health care experts based on high sense of ethics and transparency.
  • Employees of Whanin shall comply with relevant company regulations to act in an ethical and morally appropriate manner, and shall not accept any means of bribe such as money, goods, regalement and other convenience from stakeholders.

Nowadays, ethical corporate management is the most crucial
in becoming a sustainable company trusted by the public.

Ethical management refers to the management of business which upholds ‘business ethics’ as top priority in business administration and enterprise activity, adopting all standards based on ethical judgment and model of behavior to allow transparent and fair-minded management.

Legal, ethical and social responsibility of corporations are recently gaining significance, and thus ‘ethical management’ is emerging as a crucial business principle to prevent these risks in advance and enable sustainable management of corporations.

On recognizing the importance of ethical management, we have acquired the certification of the Anti-bribery Management System 'ISO37001'. We are also consistently striving to organize our compliance program more systematically and to spread the anti-corruption platform.

The executives and employees of We will abide by relevant company regulations and continue following the Compliance Program(CP) to become the company trusted by the public, the company which acquits social responsibilities, and the company which places top priority on realization of customer value.

What is Compliance Program(CP)?

Compliance Program refers to the system which enhances law-abiding consciousness and ethics of executives and employees

by requiring them to voluntarilycomply with all laws related to the company’s management activities,

and prevents in advance the risks from violating the law.

Necessities of Adoption of CP

Compliance Program

Enhancement of Domestic
and International

Incentives such
as Reduced Fine



Corporate Loss

7 Core Elements of CP


CEO’s Proclamation of Will to Implement CP

The CEO’s will to implement voluntarily comply with fair trade-related laws and relevant policies should be delivered to all executives and employees in the form of proclamation ceremony or document (including electronic document).


Designating a Compliance Officer

A Compliance Officer should be designated at the Board of Directors, and the designation should be announced to all executives and employees.


Producing and Distributing Compliance Program Handbook

Compliance Program Handbook filed under the responsibilities of the Compliance Officer be distributed to executives and employees in fields with higher probability of violating fair trade-related regulations such as sales or procurement departments at the least.


Operating Education Program

Training to prevent violation of fair trade-related regulations (including on-line video training) should be conducted for more than 2 hours for every 6 months on executives and employees in fields with higher probability of violating fair trade-related regulations such as sales or procurement departments.


Monitoring System

CP Monitoring System should be established, and performances or plans of monitoring or audit on unfair trade should be reported to (or approved by) the Board of Directors or Chief Officers.


Punishing Executives or Staffs in Violation

Company regulations defining the punishments for executives or employees responsible for violation of fair trade-related regulations should be prepared and operated.


Establishing Document Management System

Documents related to CP should be systematically filed and stored.

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