Whanin will develop into a global total healthcare company
by producing new values.

Ever since its foundation in 1978, We have exerted utmost efforts to fulfill its social role of contributing to making a healthier society by producing and supplying good medicine.

We currently produce various medicines including specialized Central Nervous System such as anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-epileptics, and also drugs for cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal disorders.

To actively respond to the rapidly changing environment of pharmaceutical industry, we plan to focus further on R&D of new drugs and incrementally modified drugs and enhance our capacities, and at the same time place emphasis on entering the global market and discovering new growth engines.

In implementing all innovation activities, all members of the company will comply with ethical management principles and the ethical code of conduct, and operate business in a transparent and fair manner through anti-corruption management system. We will carry out our mission as a pharmaceutical company, our responsibility for stakeholders, dedication to customers and our social roles in an earnest manner, through which it aims to establish its position as an ever-growing trustworthy company.

We will continue creating new values based on differentiated R&D capacities and Open Innovation, and secure competitiveness in the global market to take a leap as a global healthcare company.

We will always consider the health of customers as our top priority, and will make the utmost efforts to lead the future pharmaceutical industry.

We ask for your continued interest and support in Whanin.

Thank you.

CEO & President | Wonbum Lee